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Sometimes we get caught up in all of the great things we want to tell you about our historic Inn and village, but we believe it’s equally, maybe even more important to listen to what you have to say about your experience while staying with us. Take some time and read what fellow patrons of the Mariemont Inn had to say about their experience…then take a few moments, and tell us about your experiences by inking your story.

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The best lobby we’ve ever seen. Comfy, homey, very pleasing, takes you back, not too big. The Mariemont Inn has done a great restoration job. The feel of the 1920s is still there, with large rooms and all the amenities people look for today. You can have your room with TV or without — by using a motorized picture of the Inn to cover the TV screen that is set in the wall. We hope that Mariemont and the Inn will write a history brochure that gives visitors more details about the village and inn.
~ Jim, Bloomington, IN

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