The Mariemont Inn

Romantic Things To Do In Cincinnati

Spa Day at the Mariemont Inn

There are a number of spas right around the corner. Whether you need a polish change or a massage- You have options.

  • Blue Water
  • Eva Asthetica
  • The décor of this boutique hotel makes it one of the most romantic hotels in Cincinnati and the best place to take a loved one. It is also booked for weddings and anniversaries for its cool sport and the surrounding scenic environment. The meals are delicious and the service is unmatched.

    Get Chocolaty at Maverick Chocolate Co.

    Almost everyone loves chocolate – there is a small group that couldn’t be bothered but if you belong in the majority, Maverick Chocolate Co is the place to sample dark and regular chocolate. Even better is the fact that they give you some to take home with you. This family business was founded by Paul and Marlene Picton who turned their passion for chocolate into a business. Their brand has gained world accolade and especially after receiving three awards in the just ended International Chocolate Awards. Tucked in Findlay Market, which is in itself a foodie’s paradise, this chocolate company is paradise to any chocolate lover. After tasting some chocolate, check out food stalls in the market and treat your palate to Cincy’s best dishes.

    Cook-up A Storm

    Love to cook? Then sign up for a class and cook up a storm with your loved one. Cincinnati has lots of cooking classes seeing as the city is a melting pot for different cultures. You and your partner will have a blast cooking together in an intimate kitchen with other like-minded couples who could then end up becoming your friends. Such a place as Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio is fun-filled and only big enough to take in 4 couples at a time. You will not only make amazing and easy dishes but you will also play board games after you have downed the food you made together.

    Stroll Through Eden Park

    Eden Park is home to Cincinnati Playhouse, Cincinnati Art Museum, and the Krohn Conservatory. This nature haven is made even better by the scenic view of Ohio River and Kentucky. Within the garden are lots of sculptures, a picturesque gazebo where you can stream some music and dance to celebrate your love, paths that you and your partner will enjoy walking, as well as footbridges. Twin Lakes are these two lakes that used to be quarries a long time ago. Watch as bots make their way down the Ohio River and forget about the city life for a moment. Not so far is Bellevue Park whose activities are an extension of what you had at Eden Park. The park is famous for couples dancing at the top of the pavilion, and so you can rekindle these moments by bringing your own music and dancing at the same spot. The top of the pavilion has some incredible views of downtown Cincinnati which could make amazing shots for the Gram if you are into that kind of thing.

    Dine With the Stars

    The allure of water is undeniable whether in Cincinnati or Bali. Few can deny the power that comes with being near a water body. Cincy’s nickname, “The Queen City” was coined by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in a poem he wrote about the enchanting Ohio River. He had a point because “on the banks of the beautiful river,” beautiful things happen. There really is no better way to view the Ohio River than through a dinner cruise. Apart from the good food, great company and the stars above if the sky is clear enough, the live music will move your very soul. If the two of you won’t do anything else, get on a cruise already. Later, you can book the best hotel in Cincinnati for couples to enjoy the rest of your evening.

    A Bird's Eye View

    Bella Balloons, a tour company in the city, lets you see the city through a different view. The company’s two- to four-passenger balloons take off at sunset to allow you a breathtaking view of the Ohio River via BB Riverboats. You will take the boat right after getting off the balloon. You get a complimentary glass of champagne as you watch the sky above. The white Victorian-themed riverboat is cruise-style, complete with three decks and a dance floor where you can dance the evening away as you watch water pass by. Dinner is served too and there will be plenty of music and merry-making.

    So Much To Do in Cincinnati, So Little Time

    Although Cincinnati is not the first place that will come to mind when you think of getting away for fun, the city has plenty to offer that most people overlook. Married couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to honeymoon suite in Cincinnati hotels as families are when looking for spots to hang out together. The weather is great almost throughout the year and the scenic view will make you wonder why you never thought of Cincinnati as romantic.

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